For Realtors/Title Co.

We are very excited you are considering moving to Green Oaks! We feel it is important for potential homeowners to understand some essential things about our community. We are a fenceless neighborhood. This creates an openness that lends itself to a strong sense of community, friendships between neighbors and casual social interactions.   
There is a long green belt and several public access pathways that run through Green Oaks that can be accessed by neighbors and children. Dogs are safely kept in yards by using electric fences. For more details, see the Design Standards on this page.
Following are Green Oaks HOA documents required for the sale/purchase of a home in Green Oaks:
Overview of fees:
Transfer Fee- $750 paid by the house buyer
Annual HOA dues- $1,500 for the calendar year (Jan 1-Dec.31)
Questions? Contact Marni Warren, HOA Treasurer,
The Green Oaks HOA also provides the HOA Board Meeting Minutes, Homeowners Annual Meeting Minutes and a financial document that includes a historical income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, and the current year budget. Please request these documents from the homeowner. They can access (save and print/email) these documents from the member portion of this website (using their log-in information), on the HOA Docs page. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding HOA Documents required for the sale/purchase of a Green Oaks home, please contact
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